A few Things You Just Can’t Explain

A rancher was sitting in the area bar getting alcoholic. A man came in and asked the rancher, "Hello, why are you staying here on this delightful day, getting alcoholic?" The agriculturist shook his head and answered, "A few things you can't clarify." "So what happened that is so terrible?" the man asked as he... Continue Reading →


A little story of an Indian Couples

An Indian woman has given chance to shopping lists to benefit her husband for their Daily food plant – 29-year-old IT master Era Golwalkar disclosed to BBC Trending that the rundown was made to "take care of a week after week issue." "Gaurav and I got hitched three years back we chose to part the... Continue Reading →

NTR – Jai lava Kusha Movie Review and Story

JAI LAVA KUSHA STORY: Love and consideration are exceptionally vital for a kid amid his developmental years without which there is each plausibility of the tyke transforming into a beast later, because of the repressed hatred. JAI LAVA KUSHA REVIEW: Jai, Lava, and Kusa (all played by Jr NTR) are triplets, every one of whom... Continue Reading →

A ghost town that’s still on fire from 35 years – You believe or not

Once in a while, a fire just won't go out. Uzbekistan is home to a place called Darvaz, nicknamed by local people "the way to damnation." It's a semi-underground gas fire that has been consuming relentless for a long time. Discover why, and see some nearby photos of this Hellmouth after the hop, in addition... Continue Reading →

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